Game Design & Development

In Fall 2005, the Department of Media and Informationat Michigan State University launched the interdisciplinary specialization in Game Design and Development.

The specialization brings together students in Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media, Computer Science, and Studio Art. The specialization complements the breadth and depth of knowledge students acquire in their majors with a multidisciplinary understanding of game design and development. For most majors outside of TC, the specialization often nearly fulfills the student's cognate requirements.

Through the Game Specialization courses, students will learn the technology, design fundamentals, and development process of digital games, as well as the history, social impacts, and business of games. Students will also gain valuable skills in communicating and collaborating in team-based projects while building a strong portfolio of games.

Offered By: the College of Engineering, College of Arts & Letters, and College of Communication Arts and Sciences administer the specialization jointly. The College of Communication Arts and Sciences is the lead administrative unit.

Who is the specialization for?

The specialization is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art, or Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Information within Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media at Michigan State University. The specialization is also open to other majors on a case-by-case basis, particularly those in the Honors College.

Eligibility & Applying

For more information visit the FAQ page. You must apply and get accepted into this program in order to complete the specialization. The program application is online.

Time Constraints:

By applying to this specialization, students are making a two year time commitment. It should be understood that the Game Design and Development Specialization takes two full years (4 semesters) to complete.

Class Level:

Students can apply once they are at junior standing, having earned at least 56 credits.

Course Prerequisites:

To be considered students must complete or be currently enrolled in the prerequisite courses that match their major:

Computer Science majors --
CSE 231 (4 credits) Intro to Programming I
CSE 232 (4 credits) Intro to Programming II
CSE 331 (3 credits) Algorithms and Data Structures

Studio Art majors --
STA 110 (3 credits) Drawing I
STA 111 (3 credits) Drawing II
STA 360 (3 credits) Graphic Design I : Graphic Form

Telecommunication majors --
CAS 111 (2 credits) The Digital Image
CAS 112 (2 credits) Story, Sound and Motion
TC 247 (3 credits) Three Dimensional Design of the Virtual Form
TC 331 (3 credits) Introduction to Interactive Media Design

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Game Design and Development Advisor
Corey Moore

189 Communication Arts and Sciences Building

Game Design and Development Program Coordinator
Brian Winn

253 Communication Arts & Sciences


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