Majors and Concentrations

warningSubject code transition from TC to MI (effective fall 2015)

As a consequence of the change in our department name, all TC subject codes will be changed to MI effective fall 2015. The changes will be made during March 2015. During the transition period, courses may either be listed under TC or MI. By the time enrollment starts in April 2015, all courses will be listed under MI. Course numbers remain the same (e.g., TC 101 will become MI 101).

The Department of Media and Information currently offers the following major options:

  • Media & Information (B.A. and B.S.) - Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science options are available with concentrations in TV, Cinema & Radio, Interactive and Social Media, or Media Management. The B.A. requirements and B.S. requirements are available.

Along with selecting a Major, all students must also select a Concentration.

"Concentration" is an official MSU academic term used to describe a component of one's undergraduate major. A concentration gives you defined focus in an area within your major.

If your major is Media & Information (B.A. or B.S.), choose one of these concentrations:

  1. TV, Cinema & Radio
  2. Interactive and Social Media
  3. Media Management

And finally, if you'd like, you may add a (optional) Specialization on top of your degree/major/concentration. Note: Specializations will be transformed into Minors in 2015. The I.T. Specialization was recently changed to a Minor.


A specialization is something that you may do in addition to your major. A specialization adds an additional area of expertise or focus to your degree and is also interdisciplinary (meaning the specialization is run by more than one department or college at Michigan State). The specialization is listed on your transcript, in addition to your major, when you graduate. The Department of Media and Information offers six specializations:

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