ESPN Explores Careers with Students

Posted on: November 5, 2013

ESPN CareerConversationTwo ESPN professionals spent all day Nov. 4 at the College of Communication Arts & Sciences, giving students the tremendous opportunity to network and receive advice about resumes, interviews, internships and jobs.

The ESPN staff members - Chris Maier, an MSU alumnus and Manager of Research Information for the Stats and Info Group, and Jill Ann Bouffard, Senior Production Coordinator for the Content Associate Program - held career conversations with students throughout the day in groups of five per 15-minute session. They discussed opportunities for both internships and full-time positions, particularly for entry-level production and statistics and analysis assistants.

"I think Michigan State's network of alumni and influential people in the industry is unbeatable. I told some of my friends who go to other Big Ten schools that I was going to get to talk to ESPN representatives today, and they were insanely jealous," said Elizabeth Izzo, junior advertising major and one of the students who participated in the career conversations. "The staff and faculty that we have are absolutely incredible for continuously giving us the opportunity to make connections and get ahead. I can't thank them enough for everything they've done and continue to do. I can't imagine having gone to any other school."

More than 300 students from MSU's sports media and sports business and entertainment programs applied for a chance to participate in the career conversations, which were open to 120 students.

-5MSU was the only campus in the state of Michigan selected to host such opportunities with one of the biggest names in the sports media industry.

Maier said the students who were part of the career conversations "brought good questions and exceeded our expectations."

Maier and Bouffard also spoke to Sue Carter's Sports Media I class, JRN 218, and invited students from across campus to participate in a Q & A session hosted by WKAR Current Sports host Al Martin.

"This is my number one goal and dream to work for ESPN, so to have them right in front of me and to have this opportunity, it's amazing," said John Moffett, freshman journalism major.

Maier and Bouffard shared with students their personal stories about breaking into the business.

"My education has positioned me well," said Maier, a 1996 MSU grad with a marketing degree. "My biggest problem was that I didn't take advantage of the career center here. As a result, I had to play catch up."

Maier told students: "You need to be involved in your college experience. Utilize the faculty and career center at MSU. There are a ton of resources at MSU. Take advantage of them while you are here."

Maier and Bouffard both had positive comments about their day with CAS.

"It has been a great day for us," Bouffard said. "We received a really warm welcome and the energy level has been through the roof. We really could not be more impressed."

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