Communication Arts & Sciences Scholarship in Telecommunication

This scholarship was made possible by charitable donations from Bruce & Marilyn Richardson.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Recipients shall be undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Telecommunications. Preference shall be given to students who demonstrate academic achievement and financial need. Scholarship recipients are eligible for application in subsequent years.
  • Recipients shall be selected by a scholarship committee in the Department of Telecommunication and approved by the Dean of the College
  • The scholarship shall be announced during the spring semester with the award effective the following summer or fall semester. The scholarship is normally credited during the tuition payment process. The number of scholarships shall be determined by the amount of funds available on an annual basis, but the minimum amount per recipient shall be $1000.
  • The Department of Telecommunications is responsible for publicizing the existence of this scholarship program, nomination procedures, and deadlines.
  • Recipients shall be requested to express acceptance and appreciation of the scholarship in writing within six weeks of notification of the scholarship.
  • The university shall have no obligation other than ordinary prudence to verify eligibility to applicants.
  • If in a given year, no application for the scholarship is made by any of the individuals eligible, as defined in subparagraph (1), the amount that was awarded will be held for award in subsequent years. In the same manner, should a recipient become ineligible for any reason, the amount that was to be awarded will be held for award in subsequent years.
  • If State or Federal actions, or other events render expenditures unnecessary or impracticable for the purposes and objectives specified in this agreement, the University shall request direction from the Donor as to the application of the fund. If the Donor fails to give such direction within a reasonable period of time or refuses to give such direction, the fund shall be used in the area of greatest opportunity as determined from time to time by the Department of Telecommunications and approved by the Dead of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.

The University may accept additional contributions to the fund from the Donors or other parties interested in supporting this program. All such additional contributions shall be governed by and subject to the terms of this Agreement as amended from time to time.

Donors expressly reserve the right to amend or terminate this Agreement subject to the mutual agreement of the parties involved. It is understood at all such amendments must comply with the University policy governing scholarships in effect at the time of the amendment.

The parties hereto agree that the general rules and regulations governing University scholarship programs, as amended from time to time, shall apply except as modified herein.

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