Susan Goldberg Scholarship

Journalism School alumna Susan Goldberg has had a stellar career in the news industry. Her career successes include her tenure as executive editor of the San Jose Mercury News and editor of the Plain Dealer (Cleveland). Currently, she is an executive editor at National Geographic. Goldberg believes in the power of internships. She thinks her career success began one summer long ago in Seattle, at a newspaper that no longer exists, when she was hired directly from an 8-week internship into a permanent, fulltime job as a reporter. What made that leap possible was the training she received in the School of Journalism. This internship award is designed to acknowledge the strength of that training and to create similar chances for tomorrow’s journalists now at MSU.


  • Recipients must be journalism majors
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Interested in a career in newspaper or online journalism
  • Students must be participating in qualified internships, either for credit or to help them further their degree experiences, as defined by the College of Communication Arts & Sciences

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