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Information and Media Ph.D.

We invite you to join an exciting interdisciplinary field of study at the intersection of the social sciences and socio technical systems. We develop and apply transformative knowledge about media and society and evolving information and communication technologies. The program engages students to become active scholars, teachers, and leaders in the media and information fields.

Top ranked nationwide, this Ph.D. program in Information and Media (formerly Media and Information Studies) prepares students to become active scholars, teachers and leaders.

PhD in MIS graduationThe Director of the IM PhD program, Dr. Manuel Chavez, welcomes you to explore the offerings and content of our doctoral program.

Our approach is multidisciplinary, combining faculty members with degrees in communication, advertising, public relations, journalism, economics, information studies, sociology, marketing, and computer science, all pursuing teaching and research opportunities in three participating departments, each with their own specialties:

Department of Advertising + Public Relations
The Department of Advertising and Public Relations (A+PR) is one of the top departments in the country with a faculty involved in innovative and transformative research in the fields of advertising and public relations. To learn more, please visit

Department of Media and Information
The Department of Media and Information (M&I) is a dynamic, interdisciplinary and energetic community of researchers, creators and teachers united by a passion for all aspects of media and information. To learn more, please visit

School of Journalism
The School of Journalism is one of top nationally ranked journalism academic programs. The faculty integrates an interdisciplinary approach of professional training and a comprehensive research agenda on methods, impacts, and news processes. To learn more, please visit

Join Us

From their first day, we encourage students to participate in faculty research projects so that they can become active and prolific scholars in their own right. We have regular course offerings that impart a thorough grounding in theory and research methods as well as a wide array of summer courses and special topics seminars so that students can tailor their coursework to their individual interests. We are especially proud of our students' record of producing peer reviewed research.

Financial Aid

Graduate teaching and research assistantships with generous monthly stipends, tuition remission, and health benefits are available and over 90 percent of our current students are supported. University fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, summer research fellowships, and stipends for travel to academic conferences round out the resources available for students.

Our Location

East Lansing and the greater Lansing area offer a vibrant cultural environment with easy access to a variety of outdoor activities and the scenic beauty of our state year-round. Blending urban and sub-urban living, it is one of the nation's most affordable places to complete a doctoral program in information and media.


Over three-fourths of our graduates are hired into faculty positions at four-year institutions upon graduation. They are found in departments of mass media, journalism, advertising, public relations, and information studies across the United States and around the world. Others go on to careers in public service and business.

For More Information

The Information and Media Ph.D. Program is administered by the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.

For additional information, please contact:
Nancy Ashley
Academic Programs Coordinator
Information and Media
404 Wilson Road
Room 340 Communication Arts & Science
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-432-1526
Fax: 517-355-7710

► IMPhD Faculty

Faculty in the PhD Information and Media program are drawn from the departments of Advertising and Public Relations (AD+PR), Communication (COMM), Media and Information (MI) and the School of Journalism in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

Department of AD+PR

Saleem Alhabash - AD+PR
PhD, University of Missouri
Digital Persuasion, New & Social Media

John Besley - AD+PR
PhD, Cornell University
Science and Risk Communication, Engagement, Public Relations

Linda Good - AD+PR
PhD, Oklahoma State University
Human Resource Morale & Loyalty

Patricia Huddleston - AD+PR
PhD, University of Tennessee
Brand Loyalty, Eye-tracking, Display, Private Label

Anastasia Kononova - AD+PR
PhD, University of Missouri
Advertising, Media Multitasking, Cognitive and Emotional Processing

Hairong Li - AD+PR
PhD, Michigan State University
Media Technology, Media Innovation, Media Strategy

Dawn Pysarchik - AD+PR
PhD, Michigan State University
International Consumer Behavior & Supply Chain

Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam - AD+PR
PhD, Michigan State University
Advertising, Children, and Public Policy

Jef Richards - AD+PR
PhD, University of Wisconsin
Advertising Law and History

Nora Rifon - AD+PR
PhD, City University of New York
Marketing Communication Effects, Consumer Psychology, Public Policy

School of Journalism

Howard Bossen - Journalism
PhD, Ohio State University
Photojournalism, Visual & Art Analysis, Journalism Design

Serena Carpenter - Journalism
PhD, Michigan State University
Social Media, Journalism, Content Analysis, Scale Development

Sue Carter - Journalism
JD, Wayne State University
Media Ethics, Law, Sports & Religion Reporting

Manuel Chavez - Journalism
PhD, University of Wisconsin
Crisis Communication, International, Media Sociology, Latino Media

Lucinda Davenport - Journalism
PhD, Ohio University
Media Technology, Social Media, History, Ethics, Public Relations

Eric Freedman - Journalism
JD New York University
International Journalism, Public Affairs Reporting, Euro-Asia

Darcy Greene - Journalism
MFA, Michigan State University
Visual & Digital Journalism, Design, Visual Analysis

Steve Lacy - Journalism
PhD, University of Texas
Media Economics, Media Sociology, Content Analysis

Folu Ogundimu - Journalism
PhD, Indiana University
International, Health & Intercultural Communication; Media-Democracy.

Bruno Takahashi - Journalism
PhD, State University of New York
Environmental and Science Journalism, International Journalism

Rick Wash - Journalism, MI
PhD, University of Michigan
Online Communities, Security, Reasoning about Technology

Geri Zeldes - Journalism
PhD, Michigan State University
Race, Gender, Religion, Documentary Film

Media and Information

Young (Anna) Argyris - MI
PhD, University of British Columbia
Social Media, User Behavior, Mobile Applications

Johannes M. Bauer - MI
PhD, University of Vienna
Media and Information Economics and Policy

Shelia Cotten - MI
PhD, North Carolina State University
Social, Educational, Health Impacts of Technology Use

Constantinos K. Coursaris - MI
PhD, McMaster University
Human Computer Interaction, Usability, Social Media, Marketing

William H. Dutton - MI
PhD, University of Buffalo
Internet Studies and the Fifth Estate

Carrie Heeter - MI
PhD, Michigan State University
Telemeditation Mechanisms, Applications, Meditation as Meaningful Play

Joshua E. Introne - MI
PhD, Brandeis University
Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Collective Intelligence, Diffusion

Casey O'Donnell - MI
PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ethnography of Videogame Design & Development

Jennifer Olson - MI
PhD, Michigan State University
ICT in International Development and Environment

Taiwoo Park - MI
Serious Games, Human Computer Interaction

Wei Peng - MI
PhD, University of Southern California
Health Communication and Technology, Media Psychology, Games

Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai - MI
PhD, University of Iowa
Aesthetics & Documentary Production

Emilee Rader - MI
PhD, University of Michigan
Information Sharing and Privacy in Sociotechnical Systems

Rabindra Ratan - MI
PhD, University of Southern California
Avatars, Education Technology, Stereotype Threat, Avacars, Carmunication

Charles Steinfield - MI
PhD, University of Southern California
ICT and Development, Social Media, ICTs in Organizations

Wietske Van Osch - MI
PhD, University of Amsterdam
Enterprise Social Media, Generativity/Innovation, Marketing, Organizations

Rick Wash - Journalism, MI
PhD, University of Michigan
Social Media Impacts, New Media Research, Methods

Susan Wyche - MI
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
Information Communication Technology Development, Human Computer Interaction

MIS Student Publications (PDF)

► Our Graduates

Graduates with a Ph.D in Information and Media are active scholars, teachers and leaders around the world. Here are a few examples of the places they are making a difference in the field.

Peng H. Ang, Ph.D. - Dean at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore
Robin Blom, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at Ball State University
Serena Carpenter, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at Michigan State University
Susan Chang, Ph.D. - Associate Director, Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning Through Research, Northeastern University
Jennifer Gregg, Ph.D. - Associate Professor at the University of Louisville
Thomas Isaacson, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at Northern Michigan University
Brad Love, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin
Timothy S. Penning, Ph.D. - Professor at Grand Valley State University
Mark Stuhlfaut, Ph.D. - Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky
Jessica Vitak, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland
Aileen Webb, Ph.D. - Director of Michigan Programs at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Michael O. Wirth, Ph.D. - Dean at the University of Tennessee

We love to hear from our graduates! Please contact us at to send us an update.

► For Current Students

► What Our Students Say

Carolyn Lauckner (4th year, Doctoral candidate): "I've appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of the program, which has exposed me to many different research and theoretical perspectives and helped me to become a more well-rounded scholar."

Brandon Brooks (4th year doctoral student): "The camaraderie of the PhD cohorts within the MIS program make it one of the best places to grow as a new scholar whatever your goals."

Brigitte Balogh (3rd year doctoral student):
"One of the most intellectually taxing, yet freeing things you can do with your life. Where else can you walk into a think-tank conference room; crank out a few published papers in a semester; and if you need a break, go for a walk. We study computers but work with natural elements."

Chen Lou (2nd year doctoral student): "No matter what research interests you may have, it is not difficult to find people you could give guidance to you in this combined program with three departments. All of the researchers, professors, cohorts, and resources in the MIS program foster my identity of being a researcher in this field, and I've really enjoyed my "growth" here."

Laeeq Khan (4th year, Doctoral candidate): "The MIS program is unique in offering exceptional variety in pursuing research in diverse areas of communication. This diversity provides ample opportunities for collaboration and coauthoring on publications."

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