About MSU Media Summer Camps

MSU pre-college programs are designed to educate and offer early college exposure programs to prospective students, increase participants' overall interest in college, and better prepare participants for college by building skills necessary for success.

Programs emphasize hands-on learning with MSU faculty, supported by one-on-one instruction assistance with experienced college students pursuing these majors. Our blended learning model also helps develop communication, leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Our vision is to provide visiting students with the right balance of fun, creativity, and serious work for one amazing experience that builds confidence and independence.

Michigan State University believes that students who invest in a college experience before they attend post-secondary education are more likely to be active members of a college campus, and successful four-year students. Students participating in MSU pre-college programs are given added consideration on their admissions application to Michigan State University as a four-year college student, and are eligible for additional scholarship.

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