MSU Media Summer Camps


MSU Media Summer Camps are pre-college exposure programs for high school and middle school students in media and technology topics including game design, 3D animation, web design, digital cinema, and TV production. Each camp includes five full days of interactive and intensive instruction with MSU faculty and staff, culminating in a showcase of student work on the final day. Students may participate in day-only instruction or stay overnight as a visiting residential student.

Middle School Camps:

Middle school programs use games and tools students already know and love to teach college concepts, making skill development easier. Read More!

Week 1: Middle School Camps July 11-15:
Beginner Game Design (1 section)
Digital Cinema (1 section)
Game Design with Minecraft (2 sections)
Intro to Programming using Minecraft (1 section)

High School Camps:

High school programs include beginning and advanced options, and blended learning experiences to properly engage students. Read More!

Week 2: High School Camps July 18-22
3D Animation (1 section)
Beginner Game Design (2 sections)
Mobile Game Design (1 section)
Miss Media Michigan Girls Tech Camp, July 18-22

Week 3: High School Camps July 25-29
3D Animation (1 section)
Advanced Game Design (1 section)
Audio Programming (1 section)
Beginner Game Design (1 section)
Digital Cinema (1 section)

All-Girls Tech Camp:

Female programs focus on developing skills, awareness, and confidence in specialized technology-driven fields through a dynamic exposure program. Read More!

All-Girls Tech Camp dates:
Miss Media Michigan Girls Tech Camp, July 18-22


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